I didn't know if I should have put "about me" or "about us" because I consider this a group effort. However, I feel like Thomas is being forced to do this and Maddy is skeptical and does not want to be affiliated with my blog. Well anyways...

Here's a glamour shot of me:

Hey, my name's Ali and I am a student at Rice University in Houston. I'm 19 and I like to bake and cook and eat. I get really excited when I find a good new recipe online (almost jumping up and down excited). When I want to test a new recipe out, I'll invite some friends over to test it. As teenagers, they obviously don't mind being guinea pigs for my food. I started this blog to share my food adventures with the world and so that I can officially call myself a food blogger. Enjoy!

Here's Maddy & Thomas
I mean honestly. Have you ever seen such a cute pair of twins?

So here are my "friends", Maddy and Thomas. Thomas is an amazing photographer and was nice enough to not run away when I told him to take pictures of my food. Maddy gives me disapproving looks while I'm cooking, but helps me clean up because I'm really bad at that. I told her she could be the editor so she would feel involved in the effort. She declined, but I will still make sure to include her in my posts.

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